Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Its getting closer and closer to the day of our little girls arrival and I am so excited!

Her room is basically ready and we just have a few more things to purchase....its wild to think I will be bringing miss Audrey Faye home in just a few weeks :)

Speaking of home.......did you know we moved! Kyle got a job promotion to the HealthSouth in Plano and we purchased a Home in McKinney. I hope to take some pics and post soon. I really like the area we are in.....15 minutes to the Allen Outlet Mall and 10 minutes to Stonebriar Mall....woo hoo, some good shopping.

I was hoping to post some maternity picturs and pictures of Audrey's nursery, but my computer down, so I am using Kyles computer.

I hope to post again soon :)