Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little quiz about the Tobys

What are your middle names? Richard Kyle and Heather Lynn
♥How long have you been together? 1 year and 9 months total, but we have only been married for a little over a month
♥How long did you know each other before you started dating?About a week or two;
♥Who asked who out? I picked him up
♥Who said I love you first? he did
♥How old are each of you? Kyle: 30 Me: 26....27 in August
♥Whose siblings do/did you see the most? His...but both our siblings live out of town so we don't get to see either very often
♥Do you have any children together? not yet; maybe in a few years
♥What about pets? 2 dogs: Our Yorkie Lily and a lab-retriever Lexie
♥Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? learning to be selfless
♥Are you from the same hometown? Both originally from Wichita Falls, even though Kyle would like to tell people he is from Dallas
♥Who is the most sensitive? Me but he can be too, even though he wont admit it
♥Where do you eat out most as a couple? Ugh we rarely eat out just as a couple...he ALWAYS wants to get it to go (unless we are with friends.)
♥Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Jamaica--honeymoon
♥Who does the cooking? I do a lot of cooking/baking, and he does a some of grilling
♥Who is the most social? I am definitely the social butterfly
♥Who is the neat-freak? We are both pretty neat, but out of the two of us, he is way more anal about it. I keep telling him he needs to relax a bit or he is going to be in for a world of hurt when we have kids, b/c they are messy!
♥Where was your first date? We hung out at his house and finally went on a date to Olive Garden months later.
♥Who has the bigger family? He does
♥Do you get flowers often?not often, but on our anniversary or my birthday or Valentine's. The usual
♥Who’s better with the computer? both
♥Who picks where you go to dinner? we both do, but neither one of us ever wants to
♥Who eats more sweets? We both eat sweets, Kyle would like to tell you that he doesn't...but he is the one that puts the giant bag of candy in the basket...haha
Who cries more? Me

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dont be a Negative Nancy-Scooter Gillen

This one is dedicated to Scooter Gillen....

I get an email from Tanya earlier saying that Scoot has been looking at mine and April's blogs and critiquing them. Gah! "Does Heather have to dedicate a WHOLE blog to her house and does April have to talk about being sick"... Well Scoot, we are trying to sell our house, so yeah!...Read below and tell me how interesting my dogs are....haha :) Why don't you get on Tanya's blog and blog about something interesting! Like: you lounging around the house all day, since you're out for summer....haha....

J/K Scooter!!! You know we love you!! Hope to see yall this weekend!

Martin, Scooter, & Kyle

Our furry new bed partner

I really am trying to get better about blogging, but now that we have our house up for sale...I kinda want that to be the highlight of my blog for a while. I did edit the home for sale blog with a new picture of the living room.

But enough about the house....I really wanted to blog about Lily today. She is such a stinker and definitely getting spoiled! She is practically potty trained and is scratching on the door to let us know when she needs to go out...YEA! She hasn't had any accidents in about 2 weeks. Although, sometimes I think she wants to go outside just to chase bugs or to just lounge around in the grass. I think I have started a bad habit with her, which has now turned in to a possible forever thing. As a treat, when she would wake up in the middle of the night to go potty, I would put her back in bed with us. However, now she thinks that is where she needs to sleep. Last night was her first full night to sleep in bed with us and that was the first night since we have had her that I got to sleep all night!!! I hope WE (Kyle included b/c he has wanted her to sleep with us for a while) stay strong and don't allow our children to sleep in the bed with us.....until then, I will be enjoying my full nights of sleep and enjoying my well rested days....she's only a puppy right :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Home For Sale!!

Its official!! Our house is on the market ! We are wanting to move to the Dallas area. There will be more opportunities for a counseling internship and Kyle wants to be closer to his family. Below are pictures of our house. It is a beautiful 1472 sq ft, 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a spacious living area, excellent closet space, a garden tub with separate shower in master bath, kitchen with breakfast nook, landscaped yard, 2 car garage, security system, and separate laundry area. It is located in a family oriented quite neighborhood by the stadium. #2 Blazing Star Ct. Please tell anyone and everyone you know looking to purchase a house to Call us at 940-691-0643 for an appointment to come see it!

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Laundry Area

2nd Bathroom

2nd Bedroom

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This one's for Tanya

April, Me, and Tanya
Karleigh, Debbie, and Dennis
(our niece and Kyle's parents)
This blog is dedicated to my friend Tanya (love her)!! She sent me an email this morning saying I needed to blog and that I have not been a very good blogger this week....So here goes :)

Tanya and I still need to get together and meet each others new puppies....right Tanya!! :) And I am thinking The Gillen's, Paschall's and Toby's should all go on a triple date next weekend!

Do you ever have those weeks where you are constantly one day ahead of yourself? Like all day long yesterday I thought it was Wednesday... but the good thing about realizing that I actually have an extra day this week, is that I now have one extra day to clean my house before my in-laws get here. They are coming in to celebrate Fathers Day with the whole family...(well minus Wade, Kristin, and Karleigh....we will miss you guys this weekend).

We have been trying to exercise more and eat healthier...yea us! I love cooking those Kraft meals. They are so easy, quick and pretty healthy to make! If you haven't ever been to their website, you should check it out http://www.kraftfoods.com/. I receive the quarterly magazines and Kyle just loves the recipes. We ordered P90X last weekend and I CANT wait to try it! I hope it gets me into shape before Summer's wedding! I'll keep y'all updated on my progress as soon as we get it in.

Okay I guess that is a pretty good update on this week....my puppies are still as cute and awry as ever...maybe Ill have new pics of Baya and Lily to post next time!

Oh one more thing.....everyday I try to find one different thing to be thankful for and I try to find God's blessings in everyday. This morning at 3 AM when I had to take Lily out to go potty, I was able to wake up from my grogginess to see God's beautiful and wondrous night sky. The stars were AMAZING, they seemed to go on for miles and they all seemed to twinkle and sparkle more than usual. There was a slight breeze blowing and I just stood there for a minute thanking him for his marvelous creation! I hope each of you find something different to be thankful for everyday....his blessings are all around us!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Weekend

Lily resting after her first walk

We had a great weekend! Well I did anyway....poor Kyle he had to work all weekend, so he really didn't get to enjoy much of it. I however, still have a slight sunburn from going to the water park with April, Cody and Ashton Saturday. Then Saturday night we went to Tanya's moms house for her brothers graduation party! I cant believe Sean graduated from high school this year. It seems like just yesterday he was about to go to high school....Man we are getting old....And I babysat Ashton while Cody and April had a soccer game. He says the funniest things....we were at the grocery store and out of no where he says "aunt Head'er" I need some diamonds and I said "oh really for who" he says....for my Momma! Ummm I think he loves his momma! Kids say the funniest things....they can always put the biggest smile on your face. Maybe Kyle and I will have some of our own in a year or two :)

I did take some pictures and video this weekend of my playful girls Lexie and Lily. They are so funny. Lily just antagonizes Lexie, she will run and jump at her and then run in the kitchen (underneath the table is her safe place). I am very impressed with Lexie the way she plays with Lily and she tries to be so gentle. Lily definitely has "little woman" syndrome and does not realize that she is so much smaller than Lexie.

We took Lily on her first walk last night! She did so well! As long as she could see and try to be near Lexie she happily walked along and didn't give me much trouble with her leash. I did have to carry her for a portion of it and I am sure all the cars driving by were laughing...but oh well.
She would get really scared when cars would drive by and just stop walking. But it was really cute to see her prance around on her leash.
On a side note, I think in my next blog, I will have figured out how to write and then have the pictures follow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to Reality

So the wedding is over, the honeymoon was great! NOW....back to reality. Or, so that is where I need to be anyway. But I just cant seem to get motivated. I need to work out, start on this digital scrapbook (I didn't know I was supposed to do....but it looks like it will be fun to make), Falls Fest stuff, plus a ton of other little errands I need to run. But, actual work just seems to get in the way; I just want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having or maybe just take a nap :) The only thing I have been motivated to do is practice my cooking skills by making new meals. The have all been extremely delicious (last night was enchilada casserole)....now if I could just get motivated to work out....hmmm...I think I will start tonight :) maybe.....I should really just stay awake after I take Lily out at 6 every morning and go for a run. But crawling back into bed and cuddling with my husband for another hour just sounds so much better.

Lily has been better about letting me know when she needs to go potty and I think she is really starting to know her name. Yea for Lily! I am hoping Lily and I will get to go meet Baya tonight. Baya is Tanya ans Scooters new puppy and I just keep hearing how cute she is, so I must go see her. Maybe Ill have pictures to post tomorrow...

Now back to Falls Fest stuff, before I get actual work to do at work :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A middle name

So I have been trying to decide what I want Lily's middle name to be. Call me crazy, but any dog that I have ever had, has always had a middle name. Kyle even gave Lexi a middle name. Her name is Lexi Lou. So, my rhyming of a husband wanted Lily's name to be Lily Sue.....he is so silly, isn't he :) He just makes me smile! But I really didn't like Lily Sue. So I think I have decided on Lily Isabell Toby. That is what her APR registration papers will say, but we will call her Lily. You would think she was my child. Here are some pictures on Lexi and of Lily in her new pink dress.

Monday, June 1, 2009

As promised, a few pictures from the wedding...

As promised a few wedding photos...It was amazing and the best day of my life thus far. I have truly been blessed!

I have been wanting to start a blog spot for a while...but I don't really know where to start or what to say. So here goes......

I am officially Heather Toby! We had beautiful wedding on May 16th and married life couldn't be better. The honeymoon in Jamaica was amazing, I highly recommend Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. We were mostly just beach bums, but had a wonderful time just laying around and playing in the ocean. After returning to the states Kyle fulfilled his wedding gift promise and we purchased a little Yorkshire Terrier. Here name is Lily! She is so adorable and has so much personality. She LOVES our other dog Lexi (she is a lab-retriever).

I hope to post some wedding pictures soon and of Lily. But if you want to see them go to: