Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 months old

Audrey Faye,

We love you so much! You are growing and learning so much every day and you even teach mommy and daddy a few things, like patience. :)
You now weigh 12.6 lbs and are 24 inches long.
You have the best smile with the cutest dimples and the sweetest laugh.
You have discovered your hands and love to put them in your mouth.  You have started putting toys in your mouth as well, trying to figure out how things work.
You can hold yourself up so well, so tummy time is more enjoyable for you and love to look at the world from your new perspective. You have really started looking out the car windows, trying to figure out what is going by so fast...."are those trees flying by?"
You sit up so big and tall when you are sitting in our lap, so I am sure it wont be long until you will be able to sit up on your own. You are becoming more mobile, always kicking your legs and moving your arms. You can officially roll from front to back and back to front.

You started on rice cereal this month and you aren't sure just what to think about it. We are on day 3 of attempting to eat cereal and each day you are getting better at eating from a spoon and you are seeming to enjoy it more.
You are talking more and more and love it when mommy and daddy mimic what you say. You love to look in the mirror and make smiley faces at mommy!

We are so proud to be your parents and are so in love with you. We cant even imagine what life was life before you were born, you are our little angel.

4 months 4/19/11

Tummy time....I've got this rolling over thing down, mom!

First attempt at eating cereal

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Our very first Easter with Audrey was fun. A couple weeks before Easter our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt and pictures with the Easter bunny. She wasnt really sure what to think about the Easter bunny and all the wind outside, so mommy and Audrey took the picture together.

We had a lazy Easter Sunday after church, just lunch and watching the Ranger game, of course. We cant wait for next year when Audrey will get to hunt for Easter eggs!

Looking beautiful waiting to go to Church

Laughing at mommy

Being silly

Flying to see the Gaskill's

Earlier this month Audrey took her first plane ride to Phoenix, AZ to see the Gaskills (Greg, Julia, Bodi and Addlie).  Audrey was great on the plane both ways! On the way there she started crying for a split second when we got on the plane, but after we were settled she ate and slept the whole way.  People on the plane were so impressed with her.

We had such a blast! I just wish I had been a better photographer. The kids were so cute together! Bodi and Addlie were very interested in what Audrey was doing and she had fun listening and watching them.  Julia and I had fun too....we took a few hours on Friday and went and had lunch with Kelly Crenshaw at Oregeno's. Which was delicious and if you havent ever had must try a Pizzuki....YUMMY!!

We were so sad to go and wish our visit could have been longer. We miss you and love you and cant wait to see you again!
Audrey on the plane

Bodi playing with the toys

Addlie being a cutie patutie

Audrey having sooo much fun in the excersaucer, I think she is ready for one, Daddy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aunt Chloe came to visit

Over Spring Break my Little sister Chloe came to spend the week with us while our mom had back surgery. Chloe was great! She has really matured since she spent a month with us last summer. She was such a big help with Audrey.  We had so much fun while she was here and cant wait to come visit again. We went shopping, made a red velvet "big cup cake". Chloe went to a hibachi grill for the first time and tried sushi and edamame. She loved the edamame but the sushi with eel and some funky sauce was not to her liking.
Here are some pictures from her trip:)

Chloe and Audrey looking so pretty in their blue

The big cup cake

The finished product.  We didn't have sprinkles, so Chloe got creative and crumbled up some cake to add a little decor.

Chloe gave Audrey several baths!

I love this picture of them! IT is adorable!!

3 months


I cant believe you are 3 months already!  You are soooo much fun! I enjoy every moment we spend together. I know I have said this before, but you are the BEST baby.
You love to lay on your tummy time mat (as long as its not on your tummy). You like to lay on your back so you can play with your toys. You  You are starting to reach and grasp things. You like to feel new textures and get really excited when you make noise with your toys.
You have the most beautiful smile and such an adorable laugh.

You have really started cooing and talking more. You even try a little Spanish and can roll your "r's" quite well. Your favorite things to say are "grrrr", "greee", and we cant forget about "oh yeah"
You love to watch TV, in fact anytime you are upset and mommy isn't there, the TV always catches your eye and distracts you. You really like your baby Einstein videos and you love the singing on American Idol.

We love you so much Audrey Faye and we are so excited to see what you will be learning with in the next month.

Mommy and Daddy