Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 months


I cant believe you are 3 months already!  You are soooo much fun! I enjoy every moment we spend together. I know I have said this before, but you are the BEST baby.
You love to lay on your tummy time mat (as long as its not on your tummy). You like to lay on your back so you can play with your toys. You  You are starting to reach and grasp things. You like to feel new textures and get really excited when you make noise with your toys.
You have the most beautiful smile and such an adorable laugh.

You have really started cooing and talking more. You even try a little Spanish and can roll your "r's" quite well. Your favorite things to say are "grrrr", "greee", and we cant forget about "oh yeah"
You love to watch TV, in fact anytime you are upset and mommy isn't there, the TV always catches your eye and distracts you. You really like your baby Einstein videos and you love the singing on American Idol.

We love you so much Audrey Faye and we are so excited to see what you will be learning with in the next month.

Mommy and Daddy

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