Thursday, July 16, 2009

This week so far

I am so excited that Chloe is here. It has definitely been an eventful week thus far. Monday Chloe went swimming at the downtown YMCA, then she and Kyle planted flowers while I was in class. Kyle said she did a great job and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua; it was so cute and funny; any young girl or the girl who's young at heart will enjoy that movie.

Tuesday she had another swim day and then Papa came over for dinner. After Papa left we had our first semi-meltdown about taking a shower. But she finally did and felt so much better afterwards. So then, I said how about we do massages! She was very excited about picking out her favorite lotion getting to get her massage first. I have to admit, I had alterior motives about the massages, I was hoping she would lay down and fall asleep as I rubbed her arms/hands/feet/legs. Success!!! Lexie even laid down beside her for a short siesta.

Wednesday, Chloe went to the park for part of the day. Okay case you hadnt noticed Wichita Falls is in a HEAT WAVE. Its 108 outside and you take these kids to the park! Well that caused poor Chloe's allergies to get worse and it totally drained her. She was wonderful and truly enjoyed going to class at MSU with me. She got to play in the sand tray and paint pictures on an easel and make glitter pictures. She made one for me and Kyle both that said "I Love You" Love Chloe. I will try and post pictures of her art work later.

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