Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How 'bout them Cowboys

I just want to note that I have been a good blogger today...2 in one proud very proud :)
Among with my birthday celebrations this past weekend, we went to the Cowboy Game. Kyle kept telling people it was my bday present, but I started to correct him and tell people it was his early birthday present...hehe

The Stadium was amazing. It looked very futuristic, almost like a space ship from the outside. This place was huge!!! Josh Helmcamp was so excited to go to the game and tail gate, that we were the 4th car in the parking lot at 2pm for tail gating....btw the game started at 7 pm.
But we had a blast!

A night time picture of the stadium

You gotta love the guys in uniform...especially a Cowboys Uniform

Look how big the screen is

Josh talking to the concession lady

Look at all those people!

It had been a long day of tail gating

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