Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big News at the Toby House!!

Hello all my blogger friends!

Kyle and I have some very exciting news!! We are having a baby GIRL!!! As I am sure most of you know from my facebook status but with school finally winding down and BABY news I figured it was definitely time to start blogging again.

I am 18 weeks as of yesterday and we are due with our baby girl Audrey Faye Toby on December 25, 2010. (I foresee meltdowns about her birthday/Christmas in the future).

I have had a great pregnancy so far except for about 4-6 weeks of nausea in the beginning. Oh and thank you hormones for the facial impairments otherwise known as acne.

I don't have any prego pictures of me uploaded, but here are a few pictures of Audrey, we had a 3D sonogram done and you can see so many of her features...We think she has my nose and Kyle's lips... haha

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