Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Months


This past weekend you turned 2 months old, where has the time gone! You are really getting to a fun stage....
You love to have girl talk with mommy and coo lots. You have the most beautiful smile with the cutest little dimples (that you get from mommy). You are starting to giggle and we think it's the best sound in the world. Instead of crying you grunt a lot, which is really a funny sound coming from such a little girl.
Today you had your 2 month appointment and I was really worried about it because you got shots and I wasnt sure how either one of us would do. But we did great! You only cried for a minute and Mommy didnt cry at all! Yea for us!
You weigh 9.15 lbs and are 22.3 inches long. Dr. Weiser was very glad to hear that you are sleeping almost 8 hours a night and she said you are doing great. You were even showing her how well you can hold up your head and how you try to sit up with help.
I  just cant believe I am writing about you being 2 months old.  Every day I love to watch you learn and grow ...please just dont grow up to fast.
We love you!!

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