Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Kate :)

7 Things about Me!!

1. I like to be in the know! Especially if it involves me doing something, being somewhere..etc...
I tend to get very anxious if I am not in the know.

2. I LOVE Shoes...some might call me a shoe freak...but its a passion

3. I love to be social, sitting around doing nothing can be really boring to me

4. I am an organizer and tend to be pretty type A when it comes my school or work

5. My new favorite ice cream is Red Velvet cake at Maggie Moos...You must try it with white chocolate chips in it...yum

6. I love to dance! Anytime there is music playing I am dancing to it.

7. I am a very lucky and blessed woman to have such an amazing husband, friends and family!

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