Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A middle name

So I have been trying to decide what I want Lily's middle name to be. Call me crazy, but any dog that I have ever had, has always had a middle name. Kyle even gave Lexi a middle name. Her name is Lexi Lou. So, my rhyming of a husband wanted Lily's name to be Lily Sue.....he is so silly, isn't he :) He just makes me smile! But I really didn't like Lily Sue. So I think I have decided on Lily Isabell Toby. That is what her APR registration papers will say, but we will call her Lily. You would think she was my child. Here are some pictures on Lexi and of Lily in her new pink dress.


  1. Lily is adorable... you could call her Lily Belle!

  2. I do call her Lily Belle!! How funny that you think that too :)