Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to Reality

So the wedding is over, the honeymoon was great! NOW....back to reality. Or, so that is where I need to be anyway. But I just cant seem to get motivated. I need to work out, start on this digital scrapbook (I didn't know I was supposed to do....but it looks like it will be fun to make), Falls Fest stuff, plus a ton of other little errands I need to run. But, actual work just seems to get in the way; I just want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having or maybe just take a nap :) The only thing I have been motivated to do is practice my cooking skills by making new meals. The have all been extremely delicious (last night was enchilada casserole) if I could just get motivated to work out....hmmm...I think I will start tonight :) maybe.....I should really just stay awake after I take Lily out at 6 every morning and go for a run. But crawling back into bed and cuddling with my husband for another hour just sounds so much better.

Lily has been better about letting me know when she needs to go potty and I think she is really starting to know her name. Yea for Lily! I am hoping Lily and I will get to go meet Baya tonight. Baya is Tanya ans Scooters new puppy and I just keep hearing how cute she is, so I must go see her. Maybe Ill have pictures to post tomorrow...

Now back to Falls Fest stuff, before I get actual work to do at work :)

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