Monday, June 8, 2009

The Weekend

Lily resting after her first walk

We had a great weekend! Well I did anyway....poor Kyle he had to work all weekend, so he really didn't get to enjoy much of it. I however, still have a slight sunburn from going to the water park with April, Cody and Ashton Saturday. Then Saturday night we went to Tanya's moms house for her brothers graduation party! I cant believe Sean graduated from high school this year. It seems like just yesterday he was about to go to high school....Man we are getting old....And I babysat Ashton while Cody and April had a soccer game. He says the funniest things....we were at the grocery store and out of no where he says "aunt Head'er" I need some diamonds and I said "oh really for who" he says....for my Momma! Ummm I think he loves his momma! Kids say the funniest things....they can always put the biggest smile on your face. Maybe Kyle and I will have some of our own in a year or two :)

I did take some pictures and video this weekend of my playful girls Lexie and Lily. They are so funny. Lily just antagonizes Lexie, she will run and jump at her and then run in the kitchen (underneath the table is her safe place). I am very impressed with Lexie the way she plays with Lily and she tries to be so gentle. Lily definitely has "little woman" syndrome and does not realize that she is so much smaller than Lexie.

We took Lily on her first walk last night! She did so well! As long as she could see and try to be near Lexie she happily walked along and didn't give me much trouble with her leash. I did have to carry her for a portion of it and I am sure all the cars driving by were laughing...but oh well.
She would get really scared when cars would drive by and just stop walking. But it was really cute to see her prance around on her leash.
On a side note, I think in my next blog, I will have figured out how to write and then have the pictures follow.

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