Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dont be a Negative Nancy-Scooter Gillen

This one is dedicated to Scooter Gillen....

I get an email from Tanya earlier saying that Scoot has been looking at mine and April's blogs and critiquing them. Gah! "Does Heather have to dedicate a WHOLE blog to her house and does April have to talk about being sick"... Well Scoot, we are trying to sell our house, so yeah!...Read below and tell me how interesting my dogs are....haha :) Why don't you get on Tanya's blog and blog about something interesting! Like: you lounging around the house all day, since you're out for summer....haha....

J/K Scooter!!! You know we love you!! Hope to see yall this weekend!

Martin, Scooter, & Kyle

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